Winner of the 2009 Richard Rodgers Award.

Book by Kirsten A. Guenther, music and lyrics by RYAN SCOTT OLIVER.

Based on the 1991 teacher-student sex scandal and murder trial surrounding Pamela Smart, Mrs. Sharp tells the story of a woman who ‘wants you to become more.’ Having written an unsuccessful self-help series entitled ‘Invent Yourself: Five Words to Live By,’ 31-year old Kimberly Sharp (Jane Krakowski) is encouraged by her husband (Christian Borle) to take a job teaching at the local high school. Kimberly sets out to change the lives of her students, absorbing them into her web of fantastical delusions and private affairs. But when her husband discovers she’s gone just a bit too far, Kimberly realizes there’s only one thing that can be done about him. Someone goes to jail, someone becomes a beloved self-help guru and someone gets shot in the head — but everyone learns a lesson from Mrs. Sharp.

Mrs. Sharp was developed at Playwrights Horizons, directed by Michael Greif and starring Jane Krakowski. It is the winner of the Margo Lion Award for Excellence in Adaptation.

Mrs. Sharp

Out of My Mind

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