Music + Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Vol. 1




  1. 'The Ballad of Sara Berry' from 35mm
  2. 'Caralee' from 35mm
  3. 'Crayon Girl' from Out of My Head
  4. 'Dull Little Ache' from Darling
  5. 'Halfway'
  6. 'A Hypochondriac's Song' from Out of My Head
  7. 'Lost Boy' from Darling
  8. 'Make Me a Picture of the Sun'
  9. 'The Mess'
  10. 'Odyssey'
  11. 'On Monday' from 35mm
  12. 'Peace'
  13. 'The Plane (is Going Down)'
  14. Sarah Fitchner' from Out of My Head
  15. 'The Seraph' from 35mm
  16. 'Stupid Boys'
  17. 'To Do'
  18. 'The View from Here' from Darling
  19. 'What It’s Worth' from Out of My Head
  20. 'When Lily Came' from Darling
  21. plus Composer's Notes and a Performer's Resource!