Music + Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: Vol. 2




  1. 'Mrs. Sharp' from Mrs. Sharp
  2. 'Out of My Mind' from Mrs. Sharp
  3. 'What I Wouldn’t Do for You' from Mrs. Sharp
  4. Her Sweater' from Mrs. Sharp
  5. 'Insides Out' from The Frog Prince Continued
  6. 'Song of the Dead Fairy' from Darling
  7. 'Never' from Darling
  8. 'To London' from Darling
  9. 'Living Dead' from Jasper in Deadland
  10. 'Stroke by Stroke' from Jasper in Deadland
  11. 'No One’s Gonna Love You, Bitch' (Lyrics by Gordon Leary)
  12. 'Love Killer' (Lyrics by Tony Asaro)
  13. 'Wooden Box'
  14. 'When the Music Ends'
  15. 'Why Must We Tell Them Why' from 35mm
  16. 'Make Me Happy' from 35mm
  17. 'The Party Goes With You' from 35mm
  18. 'Twisted Teeth' from 35mm
  19. 'Leave, Luanne' from 35mm
  20. 'Cut You a Piece' from 35mm