Music + Lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver: For Guys




  1. Stroke by Stroke' from Jasper in Deadland
  2. 'Crazytown' from 35mm
  3. 'On Monday' from 35mm
  4. 'Caralee' from 35mm
  5. 'The Seraph' from 35mm
  6. 'Leave, Luanne' from 35mm
  7. 'Cut You a Piece' from 35mm
  8. 'The Plane is Going Down' from Out of My Head
  9. 'Love Killer' from Out of My Head
  10. 'To Do' from Out of My Head
  11. 'What It’s Worth' from Out of My Head
  12. 'Never' from Darling
  13. 'Lost Boy' from Darling
  14. 'To London' from Darling
  15. 'Song of the Dead Fairy' from Darling
  16. 'Halfway'
  17. 'Stupid Boys'
  18. 'Odyssey'
  19. 'Mrs. Sharp' from Mrs. Sharp
  20. 'What I Wouldn’t Do for You' from Mrs. Sharp