RSO’S CRAZYTOWN IS A HIGHLIGHT OF LONDON’S 2018 SEASON critic Julian Eaves named RSO’s Crazytown: The World of Ryan Scott Oliver one of five London theatre highlights this season.


“In March, ‘Crazytown: The World of Ryan Scott Oliver‘, at The Other Palace Studio, directed by Adam Lenson, with musical direction by Joe Bunker and RSO himself on hand to sing and play with the band was lush and wonderful.  Incredibly, this was only given for a single evening, and it is undoubtedly one of the best musical events to have appeared in this country all year.  Why, when so many inferior works get bigger and longer productions – when they plainly do not merit them – does a writer of such genius languish in a nearly forgotten corner?  There is no sense in this world.  Nonetheless, the supply of dross kept on coming, and I had to waste evening after evening sitting through shows that should never (and I mean, really… never!) have been shown the light and sound of a full production.  Why do people continue to throw good money after bad in this way?  It beggars belief.  Meanwhile, quality remains neglected.  There is something wrong here.  I’m actually forced to wonder whether Theresa May has something to do with the funding of new shows.”

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Crazytown The World Of Ryan Scott Oliver

The cast of Crazytown